TMZ is reporting that Justin Bieber is a suspect in an alleged headbutting incident. Bieber, 22, allegedly headbutted a man at a Grammy pre-party last weekend. The police have been called to investigate the incident as a possible crime.

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The incident allegedly occurred at 2 a.m. on Saturday in Los Angeles. It took place at the Italian restaurant Serafina. Bieber’s producer friend, Poo Bear, was hosting an event.

According to witnesses, Bieber was fighting playfully with actor Kyle Massey. Bieber quickly realized that the two were being recorded by the restaurant staff.

Bieber then asked the staff member to stop recording them and to delete the video. The man refused and some of the other party patrons began to record and then that is when Bieber allegedly attacked the man.

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The restaurant employee called the police and reported the incident, but by the time they arrived Bieber had left.

According to TMZ, the victim does not want to press any charges, but a misdemeanor battery investigation is happening.

On Friday, the LASD released a statement regarding the incident. They are currently investigating the incident and reveal they were told by a witness that Bieber was in two separate altercations with two different bartenders at the location.


“Deputies interviewed the victim who refused medical attention and stated he did not want to file a police report. Deputies did not see any visible marks on the victim. The witness also stated, the bartenders involved in the altercation with Mr. Beiber had left the location prior to deputies’ arrival and did not want to file a police report,” the LASD said in the statement.

They are encouraging anyone with information from the altercation to contact the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department.