When you’re the star of a show as hot as “Orphan Black”, you’re going to get recognized. However, as star Tatiana Maslany revealed during a Wednesday appearance on “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert”, that doesn’t always translate into people actually knowing who you are.

During her interview, Maslany tells host Stephen Colbert about a “weird interaction with a woman in an all-women’s naked spa…”

“Hold on,” interjects Colbert so he can paint a picture in his mind.

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“Let me set the scene,” she continues. “We’re all naked. We’re all in a cold plunge, which is like freezing polar water that you have to sit in for a minute. I was like freezing and holding my body, and she was like, ‘Are you that orphan girl?’ And I was like, ‘Oh yes, yes I am.’ And she says: ‘I hear that show’s really weird.’ I was covering my shivering body parts — it was horrible.”

Colbert had another topic to address: “You must be used to cold plunges, you’re Canadian,” he says, and proceeds to ask if he “can commend your prime minister on something.”

Continues Colbert: “Our president is know for grabbing people in a handshake and pulling them off balance. And your prime minister executed a superpower yesterday.”


Commenting on Trudeau’s “resolute jaw,” Colbert quips, “I didn’t know you [Canadians] were so tough.”

“I think he did his homework,” says Maslany of the PM. “I think he watched the videos of those two other handshakes and he was like, ‘I am not gonna go that way. That’s not gonna happen to me.’ He, like, braced himself.”

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