James Corden’s Parents Travel To Grammys In Hilarious, Adorable Video

James Corden’s parents fit in perfectly with Hollywood’s A-listers.

A 10-minute special on “The Late Late Show” follows James Corden’s parents and their zany trip to the 2017 Grammys. From their arrival to the Staples Center to schmoozing backstage with the evening’s performers and finally interviewing guests on the red carpet, Corden’s parents make it easy to see where their son gets his sense of humour.

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Malcolm and Margaret Corden first arrive to an empty Staples Center and find their seats. Lucky Malcolm is seated between Carrie Underwood and Rihanna, planting a kiss on both their cardboard stand-ins. Next, they meet with the Director of the Grammys Gift lounge, giggling like schoolgirls as they’re introduced to a lineup of beauty products that may be a little too Hollywood for a married couple of 45 years. In one instance, the parents use face-rollers on their skin — face-rollers that look a tad too phallic. “I’ve never seen one that big before,” Margaret chuckles.

After picking out their bag full of free stuff, Malcolm and Margaret make their way backstage to hang out with the evening’s superstar performers. Keith Urban treats the couple to an early wedding anniversary present, serenading the adorable couple as they dance together. Metallica also tries their hand at serenading the Cordens, but their aggressive sound may be a bit too wild for the parents of three.

Malcolm, with saxophone in hand, also has the honour of jamming with the likes of John Legend, Anderson .Paak, and Morris Day and the Time.

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Their pre-Grammy evening concludes on the red carpet. The hilarious couple interview some of music’s most eccentric stars, like a shirtless Desiigner, a tatted-up Travis Barker of Blink-182, a stoned Elle King and Skrillex (who has no clue who is hosting the Grammys).  Oh, and don’t forget the entirety of Cage the Elephant, whom Malcolm pecks on the lips for some reason.

James Corden’s parents definitely pack their own comedy chops. They often appear on segments for the “Late Late Show” and have also explored the NFL, attending WWE Monday Night Raw and most recently the Grammys.



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