Arnold Schwarzenegger Slams Nickelback, Compares Band To Herpes

Nickelback has taken another public hit!

The Canadian rockers were being slammed this week by none other than “The New Celebrity Apprentice” host Arnold Schwarzenegger, who compared the band to the unpopular U.S. Congress — and herpes!

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“When Congress is less popular than herpes & Nickelback, how do 97% of them get re-elected? Gerrymandering,” he tweeted alongside a Facebook video of himself listing off things that are “more popular than congress.”

As we’ve seen before, Nickelback refuse to take any diss at their success lying down, and swiftly replied to Arnie on the social network.

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Though Schwarzenegger failed to apologize for the insult, he remained on course with his political agenda and seemingly buried the hatchet with the musicians, who gave him props for his strategy.

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