Jimmy Fallon & Crocodile Hunter’s Son, Robert Irwin, Cuddle Sloth

Crocodile hunting runs in the family.

Jimmy Fallon was visited by Robert Irwin, son of legendary Crocodile Hunter Steve Irwin, on “The Tonight Show”. The incredibly well-spoken 13-year-old Aussie talked to Fallon about his love for animals. “It’s just in my blood,” he said. “I actually grew up at the Australian zoo. So I think I’m the luckiest kid on planet Earth.”

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It wouldn’t be a talk show animal segment without a few furry — and scaly — critters to freak out the host, and so the reptiles started rolling in. First up, the young Irwin introduced the “Tonight Show” star to a tiny African dwarf crocodile named Beetlejuice. Amusingly, Fallon was concerned by the mini-crocodile, but ultimately relented and gave it a little pet.

What followed was more within the comedian’s comfort zone. Mickey the screaming Armadillo made his way on to the set and boy, can he scream. After Mickey’s exit, Irwin asked Fallon to stand up from his desk — a request which immediately put the recent Emmy Awards host on edge.

Out from the curtain came Lady the Red-Tailed Boa, wrapping itself around a visibly distressed Fallon. “I don’t want you or me getting squeezed,” Fallon exclaimed as the duo wiggled their way out of the snake’s tight grip.

Ending the show on a far cuter note, the Crocodile Hunter-in-training introduced the “Tonight Show” host to Valentino the baby sloth and his mother, Serenity. The 25-pound mama sloth wrapped her legs around Fallon’s waist and hooked onto his fingers, munching on grapes to the host’s amazement.

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Every year the Irwin family organizes a gala in honour of the late Crocodile Hunter. Robert said of this year’s fundraiser in Los Angeles, “It’s all about celebrating everything that dad loved. It’s a really big fundraiser to raise money for Wildlife Warriors. So we’re encouraging everyone to come and join us.”

The 2017 Steve Irwin Gala Dinner will take place at the SLS Hotel Beverly Hills on Saturday, May 13.



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