If you were impressed by Jamie Dornan’s pommel horse move in “Fifty Shades Darker”, just wait till you see Canada’s prime minister in action.

For those unfamiliar with the feat of athleticism, Dornan balances on his hands and lifts his legs until his body is either horizontal or diagonal. Not restricted to the world of film, Dornan also dazzled audiences with his moves during an appearance on “Conan” earlier this month.

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But it turns out the actor isn’t the only stud packing core strength. A 2013 photo retweeted by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has resurfaced, featuring the Canadian leader showing off his own upper-body strength while flashing his trademark smile.

It should come as no surprise to see Trudeau showing off his athleticism. The Canadian prime minister has become a bona fide celebrity around the world, stealing hearts with his pearly whites, Han Solo-inspired Halloween outfits and boxing skills.

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For Dornan, the recent release of “Fifty Shades Darker” has not fared well with critics; however, it has grossed over a quarter of a million dollars since February 10.

Who do you think pulls off the pommel horse move best?

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