Most people have made idiotic bets they probably wish they hadn’t, but it’s a safe bet that not too many of these folkks wind up with a giant tattoo of Celine Dion on their rear ends when it’s all over.

But such is the case with Seattle Sounders fan Matt Oak, reports Australia’s Sporting News, after Oak honoured a bet he made to tattoo the Quebec-born songstress on his behind if the Sounders won the MLS cup.

When the Seattle soccer team captured the trophy for the first time in the club’s history, Oak felt he had no choice but to pull down his pants and get some ink.

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One little hitch: Oak recently lost his job, so he set up an online crowdfunding campaign to raise the money for the tattoo. Within a few hours, supporters pledged the $600 needed for the tattoo.

“It was hard to sit down or sleep normal for the first few days,” Oak said of his new ink. “It’s going to make for a good date story… a good third date story!”

And how did the tattoo turn out? Judge for yourself: