William Shatner Is Ready To Welcome The World To Montreal For The City’s 375th Birthday

William Shatner is ready to welcome the world to his hometown of Montreal as the city celebrates its 375th birthday this year.

While our country is celebrating a milestone 150 years, that’s nothing compared to Montreal’s storied history.  And who better to act as a spokesperson – in English and in French – for the big celebration than the “Star Trek” actor.

“Every time we think about Montreal there are so many big names and big celebrities, but I would have to say my favourite homie from Montreal is Mr. William Shatner,” ET Canada‘s Natasha Gargiulo tells the actor.

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“It just shows you have good taste,” Shatner replies, who says he came on board the campaign because Montreal keeps calling him back with the city’s famous smoked meat and bagels.

“They brought me back to eat the bagels. Every time I went to leave they brought me back all that fatty meat,” he laughs.  “And the carbs. The boiled and twisted bagels…”

The 85-year-old actor is helping Montreal Tourism roll out the campaign on TV and social media.  A frequent tweeter, Shatner admits that sometimes he regrets the things he’s posted on Twitter.

“Suddenly it blows up in your face,” he tells ET Canada.

One thing he’s definitely not regretting is leaving the “Star Trek” universe behind, admitting he’s not at all envious of the success of the “Star Trek” movies or the new “Star Trek Discovery” series currently shooting in Toronto.

“I know nothing,” the original Captain Kirk says of the new TV series. “I know less than you do.”




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