UPDATE: We finally have our first look at the upcoming 12 Monkeys TV reboot, thanks to the release of a new trailer.

In the action-packed trailer, a time traveller (Aaron Stafford) journeys from the not-to-distant future to the present in order to prevent the spread of a deadly virus that will wipe out most of humanity. Take a look:

The Syfy channel’s highly anticipated TV reboot of 12 Monkeys is coming to Canada, and will air exclusively on Showcase.

According to this morning’s announcement from Shaw Media, the new series is inspired by Terry Gilliam’s trippy sci-fi flick in which Bruce Willis starred as a time traveller trying to save the future by returning to the past to wipe out a deadly plague.

Aaron Stafford (X-Men: The Last Stand) stars as time-travelling Cole, with other cast including Amanda Schull (Suits), Kirk Acevedo (Fringe) and Noah Bean (Damages), with Tom Noonan (Hell on Wheels) and Emily Hampshire (Rookie Blue) signed on to play recurring characters.

 “12 Monkeys explores the provocative story of a time traveller from a decimated future in a high-stakes race against the clock,”; says Shaw’s announcement. “Utilizing a dangerous and untested method of time travel, he journeys from 2043 to the present day on a mission to locate and eradicate the source of a deadly plague that will all but annihilate the human race.”;

Production is set to take place this summer in Toronto. 12 Monkeys will air on Showcase sometime in 2015.