The actor got straight to the point when he chatted with ET Canada about his recent wedding to talent agent Jaime Feld, telling him “Marrying my wife was the first sort of smart thing I did since I left home when I was 17.”;

The 30-year-old was happy to let us into his LA home and show us some pictures of him and his new wife. Family comes first for Zegers and his work will have to take the back seat, the actor explains: “I have a life now, so my family is more important to me than being away.”;

He was a child actor and is very grateful for how far he has come since he started off. “I have a very full life because I was a child actor,”; he says. Adding, he doesn’t think he would have a problem with his kids following in his footsteps, but understands how tough it can be. “Do I think it’s like the healthiest thing to get involved with for kids?” he asks, answering, “probably not, but my life is what it is today because of what I did as a kid.”;

The actor now stars in the mini-series “Gracepoint”;, airing on Global, where he plays a journalist reporting on the murder of a 12-year-old boy. Filming the intense series can get tough at times, that’s why Zegers likes to keep things light off camera. “When you’re not on set doing the sort of heavy work we just had fun and goofed around a lot,”; he reveals.

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