James Corden Takes On Lifetime’s Britney Spears Movie: ‘An Absolute Masterclass’

On Tuesday’s episode of “The Late Late Show” host James Corden took aim at one target: Lifetime’s Britney Spears movie.

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Corden watched the unauthorized biopic, “Britney Ever After”, on Saturday and he had a lot to say. “It was an absolute masterclass,” he said of the two-hour movie.

The Lifetime film took us through the pop icon’s career highs and lows. Australian actress Natasha Bassett starred as Spears and Corden thought she did a good job. “She actually nailed the role. She nailed all of Britney’s signature characteristics,” he said.

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Corden shared a scene from the film in which a younger Britney loses it on a tour bus. The bus is packed with Furby dolls and cheese puffs and Corden is obsessed with the exaggerated reality. “It’s like you’re watching a documentary, isn’t it? In a world full of fake news I’m just happy to have some fake truth. And that truth, ladies and gentlemen, is that Britney loves cheese puffs,” he joked.
The host continued to discuss the movie, moving on to how Lifetime did not use any actual Britney Spears songs and instead made up songs for her, like “Alright, Alright.”

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What really sent Corden over the edge was the epic dance-off between Spears and Justin Timberlake. The two had broken up as a result of Spears’ rumoured affair with Wade Robson. Following their break-up, it was reported the two ran into each other at a nightclub months after and settled their issues with a dance-off.

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