Fans of Sleepy Hollow can attest that while lost-in-time hero Ichabod Crane (Tom Mison) and modern-day sheriff Abbie Mills (Nichole Baharie) battle the forces of apocalyptic evil, a simmering sexual tension between the two is always bubbling beneath the surface.

Yet as much as viewers may want Ichabod and Abbie to lock lips, Mison says we shouldn’t hold our breath. “It’s a unique relationship in television,” he tells ET Canada. “You don’t often see one like this — I think it would spoil it if we were romantically entangled… They’re partners who probably wouldn’t have chosen each other if they had the choice, but they’re together and I think it’s a sensible decision not to put them together.”


Meanwhile, Mison jokes that, in much the same way Ichabod demands to be the centre of attention in whatever situation he happens to be in, the actor who plays him is pretty much the same way on set — and he quips that he’s issued instructions to producers when it comes to casting male guest stars. “I’d say that every time they cast someone, just make sure he’s not handsome,” he says, although he admits this tactic hasn’t worked. “They’ve ignored me. They’ve cast several very, very beautiful men in this.”

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