‘Survivor: Game Changers’ Castaway: Tai Trang

Name: Tai Trang

Hometown: San Francisco, California

Age: 52

Previously Played On: Season 32: “Survivor: Kaoh Rong” – 2nd Runner-Up

One of the most loved players in the game, Tai Trang didn’t expect to be back for “Survivor: Game Changers”. The 52-year-old gardener tells Erin what kept him from the million dollars last time and how he’s planning to “own his game” this time around.

“When I start scheming too much, I start to overthink things, then I lose the joy in who I am,” Tai explains. “Watching the second part of [Survivor: Kaoh Rong], I didn’t laugh as much. I want to keep having fun, but at the same time it’s a game.”

Continuing on, Tai says it was his relationship with the jury members that he thinks needs some work. “I have to be a little more aware and I have to work the jury a little bit better,” he says. “I mean, pissing them off is one thing, you have to do that, but you have to own up to it and not apologize for it and I think that’s what happened to my game.”

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With other “Kaoh Rong” castaways returning, Erin got the goods on whether Tai will spark up his bromance with Caleb Reynolds.

“We are friends outside the game, but this is a game,” Tai says. “If we can help each other, we have talked a little bit about it but obviously anybody is going to know that we are going to have something.”

But when it comes to Caleb’s “challenge beast” even Tai can’t deny, his co-castaway gets the job done.

“He is good, he’s great with a challenge and it’s great to be aligned with him.”

Now, “Survivor” fans will know that the buff Kentucky boy wasn’t Tai’s only island fling. Tring also opened up to Erin about his role of animal protector and Mark the chicken.

“I’m going to try,” Tai says of protecting the chickens. “Maybe Mark or Jeff will survive this time, who knows. I’m not going to be taking a stand, but anything that I can do like last time, I worked really hard to save Mark, so I hope to do that again.”

Find out whether Tai sticks to his work when “Survivor” premieres on Global, March 8.

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