Two Former Playboy Models Get Breast Implants Removed, Believe They Caused Illnesses

After a scare last July, Playmate Crystal Hefner revealed she got her breast implants removed, suspecting they were the cause of her illness.

Joining her now are two more Playboy models — Kimberly Holland and Karen McDougal — who sat down with People for an exclusive interview about how they too felt their implants were causing them to be unwell.

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McDougal got her breast implants in 1996 in an attempt to boost her self-esteem. “I thought, superficially, it would make me feel more womanly to have bigger breasts,” McDougal, 45, said. She admitted it was a stupid thing to do, in retrospect.

Several years after getting her breast implants, she began to have thyroid and adrenal problems. She even developed severe allergies and started to get sick constantly. “I would get sick every couple of months and be sick for six to eight weeks at a time,” she said. “It just never went away.”

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Last January, things took a turn. “I started having vision disturbances, blacking out, dizzy spells,” she revealed. “Then July came and it just became so bad that I was passing out and I was afraid to leave the house. In October 2016, I was on bed rest. I couldn’t drive, I was having panic attacks, I couldn’t see. I had hearing sensitivity, I couldn’t stand noise, I couldn’t tolerate light, I had joint pain, brain fog — the list goes on and on,” she admitted to the magazine.

This past January, McDougal got her implants removed. A friend’s wife had told her that her implants were causing her illnesses. At first she didn’t believe it, but then it seemed plausible. She began to do research and talk to other women with the same symptoms. Finally she took action.

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“I wanted to make sure I made the right decision, and that’s why it took me a year to do it,” she said. “I got to the point where I had no life and I literally thought I was dying. It was time to get them removed. Do I regret removing them? No. Do I miss having larger breasts? Yes, of course, I do. But my health is so much more important than breasts.”

As soon as they were removed, she instantly began to feel better. “I noticed right away that I had no more blurry vision, I wasn’t blacking out or passing out, I didn’t have the severe migraines, my joint pain was gone, my sound sensitivity was better,” she said. “I feel like I can actually live and enjoy life now.”

Holland also got her breast implants removed after a friend of hers had been battling an implant-related illness. She got her implants in 2004, but it wasn’t until she got them replaced in 2012 with silicone-based implants that she started to feel unwell.

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She got dental infections and even developed Raynaud’s disease–a disorder that causes hands and other body parts to feel extremely cold and turn different colours.  After researching her symptons, Holland underwent an explant procedure to have them removed.

“I just wanted them out,” she said. “I didn’t want to waste any more of my time or my health. There was no point in waiting. I have a son who’s a toddler — I need to be around and be healthy.” While she’s yet to fully recover, it’s going to take some time. “It takes time for your body to flush out all the toxins,” says Holland, “but I feel better mentally because I know that I’m free.”

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