Jeopardy! College Contestant Flipped The Bird In Front Of Alex Trebek And The Viewers

Stanford University math and computer science major, Viraj Mehta, flipped off host Alex Trebek and the viewers while competing and filming “Jeopardy!’s College Championship” competition.

In the episode that aired Wednesday, he got away with waving that finger around for about seven seconds while talking about pizza.

Trebek was only asking Mehta about a formula he created, “You took a class in differential geometry, which helped you analyze another food product.”

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“Yeah, there’s a theorem in differential geometry that explains really, well, why, if you fold a slice of pizza, the tip stays in the air so you can eat it easily, and that was really cool to work out in class,” Mehta explained.

While it’s unclear whether Mehta intentionally flipped the bird, viewers definitely noticed.

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Mehta ended up winning the game and will be moving on as a College Championship finalist.

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