‘Survivor: Game Changers’ Castaway: Hali Ford

Name: Hali Ford

Hometown: San Francisco, California

Age: 26

Previously Played On: Season 30: “Survivor: White, Blue, No Collar” – Finished 11th & Jury Member

It seems the “Survivor: Game Changers” castaways are divided into two groups: those who are here to amp up their previous game strategies, and the others who are completely overhauling their “Survivor” style.

Hali Ford is in the latter of the two groups, telling Erin Cebula how she plans to shake things up this time around.

“My gameplay is completely different now,” Ford says. “I’ve completely disowned my last game, I never owned it in the first place. So I’m a brand new player with some experience under my belt.”

Fans will remember Hali as a part of the Nagarote alliance on season 30, which was disbanded by the Escameca alliance following the tribal merge, resulting in her demise in the game.

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“I wasn’t thinking during the last game,” she explains. “I just shut my brain off and I was just going with the flow.”

“This time I’m going to create the flow,” she continues. “I can’t say what game I will play — it depends on what needs to be played — but I suspect I will be playing a kind of ‘booby trap’ kind of game.”

To “Survivor” fans, this might sound similar to a specific returning castaway named Tony Vlachos, but don’t get Hali’s inspiration confused, she doesn’t have any love for the former champ.

“I just don’t want him in the game,” Ford declares. “I see him as a liability and I just don’t need people snooping around in spy tents or whatever it is that he has set up.”

Tune in to the “Survivor: Game Changers” premiere on Global March 8, to find out what kind of game Hali ends up playing.






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