Orlando Jones And Kim Coates On New shomi Video Service

With the new shomi video-on-demand service launching in Canada, “Sleepy Hollow” star Orlando Jones and “Sons Of Anarchy” actor Kim Coates were in Toronto to talk about the Canadian development in the online video streaming industry.

“There are some special things I think about this service that sort of don’t exist,” says Jones, referring to the product’s curatorial playlist feature. “Everybody’s always talking about data and information, but no one talks about my number one recommendation, my friends. Or people who I’ve met through social media who will say, hey check this out.”

Adds the Sleepy Hollow actor: “Somebody who I know or who I built a trust with is showing me something new. And it’s really interesting to have a service that is actually doing that, where you can curate stories that way and share them with an actual context.”

Shomi, a joint venture between Shaw Communications and Rogers Communications, will launch tomorrow with 11,000 hours of TV shows, 1,200 movie titles and 340 TV shows ready to be streamed. The service will offer a unique word-of-mouth approach, with suggested accessible playlists created by the shomi community.

Coates was most  impressed by the effort that went into building the whole service.  “These are real people at Rogers and Shaw who’ve come up with this incredible concept of; let’s listen to what everyone is saying, let’s give them a certain service that’s going to be more fulfilling,” he says. “All the binge-watching, all the kids friendly stuff, the movies, old fashioned, comedies, dramas, that you might have forgotten about.”

Watch the video below to listen to Orlando Jones joke about shomi’s curatorial playlists feature.

For an extended look at Sangita Patel’s interview, watch the video below.

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