Demi Lovato took to social media to share the results of a DNA test tracing her ancestry, but what she thought would be a fun fact for fans instead made her the target of online mockery.

“I did a DNA test and found out I’m mainly Spanish, with Native America , SCANDINAVIAN (which I had NO idea), Irish, British…” she wrote in a tweet, which she followed up with: “And I’m 1% African!!!”

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Lovato followed that with a pair of tweets explaining that she hadn’t had a DNA test before, and found out about her ancestry from “certain places” after speaking with her uncle.

Following Lovato’s revelation, that “1%” comment immediately became fodder for the more sarcastic element of the Twitterverse, which led to some relentless goofing on the “Confident” singer.

Following the mockery, Lovato responded to those who made fun of her, explaining that she just thought the info “was cool and totally random,” adding: “Some of y’all are mean af. Twitter sucks.” She followed that up with another tweet insisting she “didn’t mean to offend anyone.”