Billy Talent Hits the Mark

It’s hard to believe Billy Talent has been cranking out music since 2003. This month the band released “Hits“; – a compilation of just that – their greatest hits throughout the band’s career. As often is the case, the band recorded two new songs for the compilation and ET Canada was of course on set as they shot a new music video for one of those songs, Kingdom of Zod.

Frontman Ben Kowalewicz explains “Kingdom of Zod is more like a old school Billy Talent song – it has a really cool groove to it and it feels right, making you turn it up. “The other song that we did is something that we’ve never done before – it’s a song called Chasing the Sun and it’s an acoustic song… and it’s written about a dear dear friend of ours who passed away recently and it kinda shook all of us at the foundation,”; he tells ET Canada. “So this song we worked probably harder than we’ve ever worked before on any other song and I think it’s something people are going to hear and be like “whoa.'”;

While Greatest Hits compilations usually signal the end of a band – that is not the case with Hits. “I think we wanted to kind of plant a flag down and say this is what we’ve accomplished and this is what we’ve done and now it’s the beginning of a new chapter for us,”; says Ben. “It’s (also) a nice way to reconnect with people as well – for those people that may have lost their way into the horrible music world and we’re bringing them back to the good music world.”;

~ By Jonathan Knox

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