‘Survivor: Game Changers’ Castaway: Brad Culpepper

Name: Brad Culpepper

Hometown: Tampa, Florida

Age: 47

Previously Played On: Season 27: “Survivor: Blood vs. Water l”- finished 15th

NFL player, husband to “Survivor: One World” contestant Monica Culpepper, and the castaway everyone loves to hate, Brad Culpepper says this time around he’s coming out of the box at a 5, instead of a 10.

Playing with a spouse or loved one can be seen in either light, and Brad explains why he has mixed emotions about playing without his wife.

“I”m both happy and sad my wife is not here with me,” he says. “It’s probably a good thing this time. It’s very difficult to play with Monica, and she did awesome, but I’m happy to be here by myself so I don’t have to worry about her.”

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If the castaway’s words are leaving you with a sour taste in your mouth, don’t worry, he explains why he was a detriment to her game.

“I was a shield for a while,” he explains of their time on “Blood vs. Water”, “but then I felt like I was an anchor, but it worked out better and she got to the end and she got the full Survivor experience.”

Now Brad’s looking forward to his time for redemption, in a season full of “game changers.”

“It’s a little bit intimidating,” he says of his fellow castaways. “I look around and I’m a little bit …because I’m like, ‘maybe they got the wrong Culpepper’ and they did, they got the wrong Culpepper, but she’s home and I’m here, so I’ve got to carry the torch.”

To find out if Brad can redeem his name in the game, tune in for the “Survivor: Game Changers” premiere on Global, March 8.

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