For a guy who’s known for being such a cause of laughter, Martin Short is revealing a more serious side in his new memoir, “I Must Say.”;

“For years, people would say “we’d like you to write a book, why haven’t you written a book,'”; the 60-year-old says, while sitting down with Cheryl Hickey in the ET Canada studio. “But then you know, a couple of years ago, my wife died and we’d been together 36 years and I found myself in the same situation as I’d been when I was 20. Because at 20, within six years, I had lost my brothers and my parents.”;

Adds Short: “I thought ‘oh, now I can see what this book would be, it would be funny stories but it would also be a little life experience and wisdom in there too.'”;

Short’s memoir recounts his journey from Hamilton, Ontario to the comedic legend that he is today. He also shares how he made a few friends along the way – partially through his colonoscopy sleepover parties.

“We’ve done this a few times, it’s Tom Hanks, Steve Martin and myself,”; says Short. “We would go to Steve’s house the night before and we would do a sleepover. We would all do the barium together and we’d eat the Jell-O and the broth and then we’d play poker.”;

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