Fans are in for a treat when the “MacGyver” gang meets the “Hawaii Five-O” team in Hawaii to aid in relief efforts following an earthquake.

ET Canada’s Erin Cebula was on the set in Honolulu, Hawaii to get the scoop on the March 10 crossover episode from “MacGyver” stars George Eads and Lucas Till, and “Hawaii Five-0” star Daniel Dae Kim. They may be in sunny Hawaii, but don’t expect too many shirtless beach scenes from this cast.

“Being here is like being in a candy store and not sampling any of the candy,” Eads says of the earthquake rubble set where there isn’t a palm tree or beach in sight. For Eads and co-star Till, there won’t be any opportunities to take their shirts off either.

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“No,” Till laughs at the thought of taking his shirt off. “Because I’m not tan enough to!”

Eads, however, is a little easier for Erin to convince to ditch his shirt. “I don’t know too many people who want to see a 50-year-old without his shirt off, but hey man, I’ll go for it,” Eads replies. “Gravity is starting to take over.”

“Hawaii Five-0” star Kim, promises an intense plot for the special episode.

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“MacGyver”‘s dynamic duo, Mac and Jack, travel to Hawaii in an effort to help out the Five-O Task Force’s Chin Ho Kelly rescue a group of scientists trapped in the rubble following the collapse of a building. It’s a race against time for the complicated rescue in the aftermath of the devastating earthquake, but things may not be what they seem.

“The people trapped inside might not necessarily be victims,” he explains. “So the plot thickens.”

The special crossover episode airs Friday, Mar. 10 on Global.