Tom Hiddleston Responds To ‘Doctor Who’, James Bond Rumours: I ‘Haven’t Been Asked’

Tom Hiddleston is a name we keep hearing when it comes to rumours about who’ll be playing the next James Bond. Meanwhile, following the BBC’s announcement that Peter Capaldi will be exiting “Doctor Who” at the end of the upcoming season, Hiddleston has also been mentioned as being in the running to play the next iteration of the Doctor on the long-running sci-fi series.

Hiddleston commented on being grist for the rumour mill during an appearance on BBC Radio 1’s “Breakfast Show”, reports The Independent.

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“Obviously it’s very flattering that people think I’m part of the conversation,” Hiddleston told host Nick Grimshaw, adding: “Neither of those two opportunities have come my way.”

Asked how it feels to see his name mentioned in conjunction with such iconic roles, Hiddleston replied: “It’s difficult because people say, ‘How would you feel if you were asked?’ and you don’t know because you haven’t been asked.”

Among the names mentioned as taking over for Capaldi on “Doctor Who” include Hiddleston and Tilda Swinton, while the star of “Kong: Skull Island” is one of several rumoured 007s that include Idris Elba, Tom Hardy, Luke Evans and Michael Fassbender.



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