“Justin Long loves Canada and he loves geese, but he does not love Canada Goose.”

So says PETA, who have joined forces with the actor for a video to find out where the materials for the winter jackets actually come from.

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Canada Goose is known for their warm and thick winter coats and other clothing for extreme weather. The company claims it uses only “ethically sourced down and fur”.

In the video, we discover that Canada Goose officials aren’t exactly telling the truth. Their source materials aren’t coming from where they claim and they are allegedly using fur trappers to capture coyotes.

Long attempted to find out the truth of the matter by filming a recent visit to a Canada Goose store in New York. Unfortunately, he was shown the exit by employees when they didn’t give him a straight answer.

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He is referred to the company’s website and is told by a worker, “I’m not going to have this conversation right now.”

“One of the things Canada Goose will flaunt is the fact that their fur doesn’t come from a fur farm — that somehow the fact that they pay trappers to trap and then kill these animals is somehow better. But… they’re just like the dogs you see people walking in the streets. The company didn’t really seem to care,” he reveals in the video.

“Ultimately, I would challenge Canada Goose that if they’re so proud of where they get the fur, why not show us where it really comes from?” he says. We’ll have to wait and see whether the company, which was founded in Toronto in 1957, responds to Long’s challenge.