The Blacklist will be taking a hiatus for the next few months to make way for Katherine Heigl’s State of Affairs, but the gripping thriller ended the first half of of its second season in true over-the-top fashion with two major characters biting the dust.


In the episode, Red (James Spader) teamed up with nemesis Berlin (Peter Stormare) to track down the person who kept Berlin’s daughter away from him, a guy known as “The Decemberist.”; This mystery man turned out to none other than Fitch (Alan Alda). Wearing an explosive necklace, Fitch is in the midst of telling Red about a mysterious safe in St. Petersburg when (to paraphrase Billy Sol Hurok and Big Jim McBob of SCTV fame), he blows up real good.

Celebrating their triumph, Red and Berlin share a bottle of fine Russian vodka… at which point Red coldly shoots Berlin dead.

In the cliffhanger final scene, we discover Tom (Ryan Eggold) has been working with Red the entire time, and he gives Red an envelope that says he must never see Liz (Megan Boone) ever again, a shocker that won’t be resolved until the show returns in February.