Jessica Chastain Reveals Male Director Once Advised Her She Was Talking Too Much About ‘Women Stuff’

Many actresses have come forward to talk about the undercurrent of sexism that bubbles beneath Hollywood, such as Jennifer Lawrence writing an op-ed about the huge wage disparity between male and female actors.

Jessica Chastain has taken things even further by forming her own production company, Freckle Films, which is committed to address Tinseltown’s gender inequality by creating projects for and about women.

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Chastain spoke about her commitment to effect change in an interview with American Way magazine, stating: “I just don’t know why it’s not changing… I’m doing my part to make the change, so why isn’t everyone else?”

Being outspoken about this cause, however, does not necessarily make an actress popular with the upper echelons of Hollywood, and Chastain reveals that she once had a run-in with a director — a man — who advised her to tone down her rhetoric about gender equality.

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“I had one male director say to me that I talk too much about all of this ‘women stuff.’ This is a person I love, and maybe he was concerned I would hurt my career,” she says. “I’m not attacking anyone. I’m trying to create more inclusiveness, compassion and empathy — which in turn makes better movies, better art.”

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