Luke Bryan Reflects On Family In New Video ‘Fast’

Luke Bryan is taking it slow with his latest single from “Kill the Lights”.

The country singer is seen reflecting upon fond family memories with the release of his latest video, “Fast”. As a strong departure from his usual “pro-country” themes, the new video sees him escape his throngs of fans and sold-out performances for the solitude of an empty theatre as he sings about the sands of time.

“Sixty seconds now feels more like thirty / Tick-tock, won’t stop, around it goes / Sand through the glass sure falls in a hurry.”

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And all you keep trying to do is slow it down, soak it in,” the song’s lyrics read.

Bryan’s latest tugs at your heartstrings too with “aww-worthy” photos of baby photos, wedding snapshots and some of his favourite award-winning moments.

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As Rolling Stone notes, the crooner recently sold out his Madison Square Garden show earlier on Wednesday, which he soon followed up with an appearance on “The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon” that featured a live performance of the new single. Watch below.



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