Don Cheadle Blasts Donald Trump, Accuses ‘Racist, Misogynistic, Draft-Dodging’ President Of Using The N-Word

Actor Don Cheadle dropped a bombshell of an allegation on Twitter, claiming that President Donald Trump casually used the N-word during a golf game with the father of a friend (who’s white).

The accusation came during a Twitter discussion of Trump’s ties with Russia.

“Hated him since he asked my friend’s father at a Doral pro-am if he’d ever ‘f***ed a n*****’… Did it for me…” wrote the “Hotel Rwanda” Oscar-winner.

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When some Twitter users asked for proof of his allegation, Cheadle replied: “Her father wasn’t wearing a wire. But look up the 2M or so articles about Drumpf and racism if you need a primer. Start with his own book.” (Drumpf is the original Trump family name, changed generations ago and referenced by John Oliver on “Last Week Tonight” along with the hashtag #MakeDonaldDrumpfAgain.”)

In another tweet, Cheadle responds to a Twitter user who can’t believe that “a public figure” would say such a thing “in this day and age,” writing: “He wasn’t the president then. Just a racist, misogynistic, draft dodging, ‘birther’ conspiracist, p***y grabbing, bankruptcy machine…”

He then added more details of the story:

As for the identity of Trump’s golf companion, Cheadle said that he doesn’t know the gentleman, just his daughter, who “is famous and probably doesn’t want that particular beef for her or her dad.”

When pressed to reveal the source, Cheadle joked that it was “Jim No Last Name,” the anonymous friend of Trump’s whom, the president remarked, told him that he stopped visiting Paris because “it’s no longer Paris” due to increasing numbers of immigrants.

When further questioned, Cheadle responded with a flurry of tweets explaining why his friend’s father didn’t respond to Trump immediately after he allegedly made the comment.

While Trump has yet to respond to Cheadle’s claims, he did once walk away from an interviewer who asked him to address charges that he was a racist and a sexist, prompting the then-candidate to claim he was “the least racist person you’ve ever met.”



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