Five years after hockey comedy “Goon” became a hit, a new sequel is on the way with “Goon: Last Of The Enforcers”.

Elisha Cuthbert joins Marc-Andre Grondin and Jay Baruchel, who steps behind the camera to direct for the first time.

Despite being new to the “Goon” family, Cuthbert fit in right away with returning castmembers Liev Schreiber, Alison Pill, Seann William Scott and Kim Coates.

“We gotta address the potty mouth,” ET Canada’s Rick Campanelli says to much laughter from Cuthbert and Grondin.  “I have known you for years but haven’t heard these certain words coming out of your mouth.”

“Mary gets very drunk and you know, gets a little crazy,” Cuthbert says of her character.  The foul-mouthed Mary surprised even Grondin, who’s used to locker room talk in the sports comedy.

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“I was pretty surprised.  I had never met her and first time I saw her she was shooting.  I was like ‘What is she saying?!’”, he says, laughing.

Though Cuthbert is new to the franchise and it’s Baruchel’s first time directing a feature film, the two actors go way back, first appearing together on the children’s TV series, “Popular Mechanics For Kids”. The pair both featured on the show in the late 1990s as teens.

“It’s like being full circle,” she explains.  “We were so young when we started ‘Popular Mechanics For Kids’ and being in our 30s now and watching him orchestrate this cast and this crew,  it just  seemed so organic to him.  And had a very strong vision for the project.”

“It was really, really special to see it and sort of overwhelming at the same time,” she adds.

“Goon: Last Of The Enforcers” opens in theatres on March 17.