Stephen Colbert Mocks Donald Trump’s Wiretapping Tweets

On Monday night’s “The Late Show“, host Stephen Colbert couldn’t wait to talk about U.S. President Trump’s Saturday morning tweets, which accused former president Barack Obama of tapping his Trump Tower phones during the election.

Colbert read the first several tweets during his monologue, saying, “And just like that, the White House had to reset their sign back to zero,” revealing a plaque that read ‘The president has worked 0 days without a Twitter freakout.’”

Colbert referenced Trump’s tweet, sent at 6:45 a.m.

“Who wakes up that angry?” Colbert asked. “That’s furious. Somebody give this guy a Xanax… or a bran muffin.”

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“Or a bran muffin just stuffed with Xanax, like a ‘Branax,’ or something.”

In a series of angry tweets, Trump mentioned both McCarthyism and Watergate, references that didn’t sit well with Colbert.

“Pick your historical analogy,” he said, before switching over to his Trump voice. “‘This is the Pearl Harbor of Hindenburg Great Depression D-Day’s finale of Lost.’”

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Colbert went on to talk about the investigation.

“White House Press Secretary and man using a coupon on his first date, Sean Spicer, took to Twitter to demand that the intelligence committees in Congress investigate Trump’s charges, adding ‘neither the White House nor the President will comment further until such oversight is conducted,’” joked Colbert.

“So now they’re not going to comment on the bad thing they made up?” Colbert asked.

He went on to say that the craziest thing about Trump calling for the investigation without any evidence is “that it actually worked.”

“From now on, we have to take all of Trump’s allegations seriously.”

Colbert used his Trump voice to read a fake tweet with allegations about Obama.

“Just heard bad (or sick) Obama hiding under my bed #oboogeyman”

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CNN host Anderson Cooper joined Colbert later on and admitted that he has muted Trump on Twitter.

“I just don’t want to have that drama in my life,” Cooper explained.

You can watch part of Colbert’s most recent monologue at the top of this article.



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