Jennifer Lopez joined Trevor Noah for their “first time” on “The Daily Show” together, but the “Shades of Blue” star got more than she bargained for.

Lopez shared that thanks to the show, which successfully made it into its second season on Global TV, she now gets to spend five to six months in New York to shoot it, but has clearly stopped riding the subway.

“I started riding the subway when it was 50 cents,” Lopez told Noah. “I remember when it went to 75 [cents], maybe the last time [I rode the train] it was like $1.75,” she added before the audience laid down the cold hard truth. The subway is now $2.75.

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“That’s crazy,” she said. “We have to protest this!” she exclaimed. To which Trevor responded, “you’re a dollar away from your fans JLo!”

But afterwards, it was open season on how much “Jenny from the Block” knew about the 6 train, coincidentally the title of her first album.

Correctly answering “the Brooklyn Bridge in Manhattan and Pelham Bay on my side in the Bronx!” as the last stops on the line, JLo proclaimed “I grew up in the Bronx, you can’t mess with me.”

After solidifying her status as the reigning queen of the Bronx, JLo also got real about her rumoured romance with Drake, telling a flirty Trevor Noah “I am not with Drake.”