Journalist With Cancer Releases Official Statement Regarding ‘Nazi’ Comparison By ‘Full Frontal With Samantha Bee’

“Full Frontal With Samantha Bee” is in hot water after likening the shaved head of a journalist with cancer to a Nazi.

In a clip released by the show on Thursday, correspondent Michael Rubens went to CPAC to “figure out if conservatism is still a thing,” according to the clip in which he compares this year’s crowd to previous years.  In it, he falsely accuses attendees of being “Nazis”, including a contributor of the website, OUTSET.

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“This year, the bow ties were gone and replaced by Nazi hair,” Rubens says over a shot of journalist Kyle Coddington, an OUTSET contributor who was diagnosed with stage-four brain cancer and recently underwent his first round of chemotherapy and radiation.  “Nazi hair” is repeated several times in the clip.

The video quickly made the rounds on social media, with Twitter users calling out the show for their cruel remarks.  “Full Frontal” has since pulled the video, but users, including Coddington’s sister Megan, screen-capped the offensive segment.

The show tweeted an apology, stating the comment and Coddington’s image would be removed from the video.

Late Thursday evening Coddington broke his silence, releasing this official statement on Twitter.

The Twitterverse has responded, commending Coddington’s dignified handling of the situation.

Meanwhile, Coddington has issued a video response to what he describes as Samantha Bee’s “half apology” — watch:




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