Nelly Furtado Regrets Turning Down A Role In ‘My Big Fat Greek Wedding’: ‘That Was A Fail!’

Nelly Furtado may be known for her singing voice, but the Canadian songstress reveals she once turned down a role on the big screen.

Furtado was at the ET Canada studio to talk her new album “The Ride” and answer fan questions on Facebook Live when she said she was approached for a role in the 2002 hit comedy “My Big Fat Greek Wedding”.

The singer says she regrets turning down the film.

“I was supposed to be in ‘My Big Fat Greek Wedding’.  That was a fail!,” she says of her decision, laughing.

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“I was supposed to be one of the sisters of something,” Furtado says of the comedy written by and starring Winnipeg’s Nia Vardalos.  The indie movie went on to become a sleeper hit, earning nearly $242 million at the box office and nabbing Vardalos an Oscar nomination for Best Original Screenplay.   The movie also spawned a sequel in 2016.

“I’m Portuguese and I can pass as Greek,” she explains on Facebook Live, still laughing.  “I must have been really busy or something.  I don’t know what happened!  You never know what’s what,” she says of the movie’s surprise success.  “I don’t think I ever read the script.”

“I’ve done a few films, a few TV shows.  It was fun but actually really hard.  I find it very difficult.  I don’t know if I find I’m very natural at it,” she says, shooting down the possibility of more acting roles in the future.

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While another acting gig might not be in the cards, fans wanted to know if the avid-reader would ever write a book.

“I tried to write a book and I failed,” she laughs, teasing that details of her un-realized memoir.  “I’m so private.  It was too much for me.”

With nearly two decades in the music industry, Furtado has a wealth of songs from her catalog to choose from.  But when it comes to performing, she definitely has a favourite she says she never gets tired of singing.

“I love singing ‘I’m Like A Bird’.  I know that sounds so lame.  And it sounds good just broken down on piano, it sounds good fast, it sounds good as a dance song,” she explains.  “I’ve recycled it many different ways,” she says of her 2000 breakout hit.

She also revealed that a tour is in the works for later this year with several festival dates scheduled for this summer.  Furtado teases that a tour announcement will come soon as she works on scheduling details.

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