Samuel L. Jackson And Allison Williams Re-Enact Scene From Girls: Guess Who Plays Hannah?

Imagine being Andy Cohen and welcoming “Girls” star Allison Williams and the great Samuel L. Jackson (currently promoting “Kong: Skull Island) to the same episode of “Watch What Happens Live”. How could you not get those two to re-enact a scene from “Girls”, with Jackson donning a wig to play Lena Dunham’s character, Hannah Horvath?

And that’s just what happened, with Cohen presenting the two with scripts for a scene titled “Clubhouse Playhouse”, which is “inspired” by Hannah’s big blowup with Marnie from season one.

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“You are so obsessed with success and who’s who and what they got, and how they got it,” declares Jackson-as-Hannah, while Marnie fires back: “You are so selfish. This is why you have no friends from preschool.”

“I have lots of friends from preschool,” fake Hannah responds with some serious finger-wagging. “I’m just not speaking to them right now!”

During another portion of the episode, Williams and Jackson compare notes on shooting sex scenes after a caller phoned in to ask the “Girls” star whether Dunham was punishing her for refusing to get naked on the show (unlike, well, pretty much everyone else on “Girls”) by giving Marnie some of the series’ most explicit sex scenes to perform.

“Probably. Or just to like, even it out a little bit to make it seem like, a little bit more fair,” Williams said. “There’s one scene that I think anyone who watches our show will know what I’m talking about, that felt a little bit like, ‘Alright, if this is what you want to watch, then it’s my job to do it!’”

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Meanwhile, another caller wanted to know what happens when a male actor becomes aroused during a sex scene.

“We debate this a lot because it is flattering but upsetting when it happens,” Williams admitted. “And it is also upsetting and unflattering when it doesn’t happen. So the best case scenario is kind of like, a suggestion of it, excitement without the actual physical manifestation of it.”

Added Jackson: “See I always apologize first. ‘I’m sorry if I do, and I’m sorry if I don’t.’ That generally works.”

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