Trevor Noah Tackles Donald Trump Through Johnny Cash Song

Comedian and late-night talk-show host Trevor Noah broke out into a stellar impression of Johnny Cash on Thursday’s episode of “The Daily Show” — his latest in a long line of segments aimed at Donald Trump.

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Noah introduced the segment by poking fun at the president’s “record high” ratings. “If you don’t count most people, Donald Trump’s ratings are at a record high.” The 33-year-old host continued, “The reason people really like Trump is simple. He’s not trying to be the president of everybody. Trump ran to represent one group: the forgotten men and women of America.”

“The Daily Show” host then assumed the drawl of the Man in Black to perform “The Forgotten Man”, a song that lays out how Trump is undoing the efforts of his predecessor, Barack Obama, in the short amount of time he has been in office.

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Noah recently performed at the Queen Elizabeth Theatre in Vancouver, BC, as part of the JFL NorthWest comedy festival.



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