Sean Spicer Holds Press Conference With Upside Down American Flag Pin On His Lapel

White House press secretary Sean Spicer opened his daily media briefing Friday wearing his American flag lapel pin upside down.

While Spicer was delivering remarks about the positive labour force numbers that were published earlier in the day, many noticed the flag pin faux-pas, which can be interpreted as an international sign of distress.

Before taking questions from the reporter pool, Spicer was handed a note from a White House aide and the press secretary appeared to fix the pin on his lapel. However, the flag was still upside down when he took his first question.

Journalist John Roberts told the press secretary about his upside-down pin while making reference to political drama show “House of Cards”.

“No, there’s no promo,” Spicer joked about the Netflix show which features an upside American flag on promotional material.

Spicer eventually fixed his pin but not before Twitter had some fun with it.

Spicer also made reference to Melissa McCarthy’s popular portrayal of him on “SNL”.



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