Pregnant Ciara Involved In Scary Car Crash After SUV Slams Into Her Mercedes

A car crash and a pregnant woman in her third trimester makes for a frightening combination, which is where singer Ciara found herself on Friday when her car was struck by another vehicle while she was driving in Los Angeles.

According to TMZ, witnesses claim that Ciara was driving a white Mercedes SUV, and was making a left turn when a grey Volvo SUV smashed into her vehicle’s passenger side.

Police and fire department officials quickly came on the scene, TMZ adds, while Ciara was witnessed “clutching her chest and shoulder” following the crash.

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Ciara otherwise appeared to be unharmed and was photographed walking around while talking on her phone after the accident. Ciara and the other driver exchanged insurance information, adds TMZ, “but neither of them was seriously injured.”

As for the condition of the “Love Sex Magic” singer after the crash, a source close to Ciara tells People: “She’s fine.”

That assessment was confirmed by Ciara’s husband, Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson, who took to Twitter to reveal that mother and baby are both “feeling great.”

The crash comes days after Ciara shared some topless pics from her new photo shoot for Harper’s Bazaar.



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