Ryan Gosling, Michael Fassbender Kick Off SXSW 2017 With ‘Song To Song’

Ryan Gosling, Michael Fassbender and Rooney Mara kicked off SXSW 2017 is Austin, Texas with their new drama “Song To Song”.

ET Canada’s Rick Campanelli was on the red carpet at the film’s world premiere, sharing an epic hug with fellow Canadian Gosling.

The Terrence Malick-directed film stars Gosling and Mara as a couple of struggling songwriters whose lives become entangled with a music mogul (Fassbender) and a waitress (Natalie Portman), set against the backdrop of the Texas music scene.

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Rick gave Gosling a proper Canadian welcome as the two hugged it out at the world premiere of the film in Austin. For the actor, the freedom of shooting a movie with mostly-improvised dialogue was a “surprise.”

“There was no script for this film, so every day was a surprise. It was incredible,” he says, describing his time on set.  “Suddenly, Patti Smith would show up and she was just riding around in the van with us, looking for places to shoot these scenes. So we got to hang out a little bit and shoot with these musicians, and they were so good. They’re such great, natural actors that kind of put you to shame. And then all these wonderful actors would show up because everyone wants to work with Terrence Malick, so it was a very cool experience.”

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Director Malick is notorious for filming scenes with actors only to completely cut them out of the final film — something Fassbender joked about, saying he hoped he was still in the film.

“Who knows,” he laughs.  “The last cut I saw I was in it, but you never know.”

For Mara, it was all about the cameos from the musicians in the film.

“It was amazing. It was really surreal,” she says. “Especially the stuff with Patti [Smith] was once in a lifetime. She just has so much wisdom and to get to just talk to her was so cool.”

Fassbener agrees. “All of them are seasoned pros, they’re artists,” he says. “Patti Smith was just like [a] stream of consciousness when she starts talking. And [Red Hot Chili Peppers bassist] Flea as well. Just a real natural flow. So to be honest with you, I was just trying to keep up with them.”

The chance to work with a well-respected filmmaker was enough for Fassbender. “I first came across his work with ‘Badlands’, ‘Days Of Heaven’. He’s a poet and a really special human being,” he explained. “I’m lucky.”

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