Justin Bieber Gets Ticked Off With Pushy Selfie-Taking Fan, Tells Her: ‘You Make Me Sick’

Remember last May when Justin Bieber warned fans to stop getting in his face demanding selfies when they meet him in public? “If you happen to see me out somewhere know that I’m not gonna take a picture I’m done taking pictures,” he said. “I realize people will be disappointed but I don’t owe anybody a picture.”

Looks like he hasn’t softened his stance, judging by the way he lashed out at an Australian fan in Melbourne who clearly didn’t get that memo.

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As reported by the Melbourne Herald Sun (via the Musicfeeds website), Bieber was in no mood to be stalked by 20-year-old selfie-snapper Sebah Helal.

“He wasn’t in a good mood and was adamant that he wouldn’t take a photo with me,” Helal told the Herald Sun, who admitted that Bieber warned her to back off.

“You’re invading my privacy, I don’t want a photo”, the Biebs reportedly said, but Helal was insistent and “told him [she] was going to take the photo anyway.”

That led to a Bieber lecture on her “respect level” before he told her dismissively: “Look at you, you make me sick.”

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This did not go over well with Helal’s mother, Houda Bennaoui, who says she’s “disgusted” by Bieber’s behaviour.

“My daughter was bawling her eyes out. She was dying to meet him and then he humiliated her,” she told the Herald Sun. “After years of supporting him, my daughter will never see him again in concert.”

Watch the awkward encounter right here:



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