The Doctor Is Back: BBC Releases First Trailer For Peter Capaldi’s Final Season Of ‘Doctor Who’

Fans have been anxiously anticipating the return of “Doctor Who” — which is understandable, since there hasn’t been a new episode aired (not counting the 2016 Christmas special) since December 2015.

The wait will soon be over, and Monday saw the release of the first trailer for the upcoming season, which will be the final one for star Peter Capaldi (who took over the role, via regeneration, from Matt Smith in 2014).

In the trailer, the Doctor is accompanied by new companion Bill (Pearl Mackie) and comic-relief sidekick Nardole (Matt Lucas of “Little Britain” fame) as they encounter such fearsome foes as Daleks, emoji-translating robots and the return of Missy — who is actually the Doctor’s uber-foe, the Master — played  by Michelle Gomez.

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“One of the greatest privileges of being Doctor Who is to see the world at its best. From our brilliant crew and creative team working for the best broadcaster on the planet, to the viewers and fans whose endless creativity, generosity and inclusiveness points to a brighter future ahead,” said Capaldi in his exit announcement, as reported by BBC. “I can’t thank everyone enough. It’s been cosmic.”

“I feel sad, I love ‘Doctor Who,’ it is a fantastic program to work on. But I don’t know how long I can give it my best, and if I’m not giving it my best, I don’t want to do it,” said Capaldi (via the New York Times) of his decision to leave the long-running sci-fi series, which originally premiered in 1963.

The 10th season of “Doctor Who” premieres Saturday, Apr. 15.

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