Life After The Presidency Kinda Sucks, As Selina Meyer Learns In New Trailer For ‘Veep’ Season 6

When we last saw Selina Meyer, the Veep-turned-POTUS (played to Emmy-winning perfection by Julia Louis-Dreyfus) had lost the presidential election and found herself no longer president, or even vice-president, but — gasp! — just a regular person.

Well, not that regular, judging from the just-released (and, of course, NSFW) trailer for the HBO comedy’s upcoming sixth season, which begins with Selina giving a TV interview that finds her admitting: “The loss hurt, but I did take this opportunity to reacquaint myself with an old friend of mine… by the name of Selina Meyer.”

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Meanwhile, the “Veep” gang is back, albeit some in different circumstances. While right-hand man Gary (Tony Hale) and press secretaryMike McLintock (Matt Walsh) are still on Team Selina, former White House-Veep liaison Jonah Ryan (Tim Simons) is now a freshman Congressman, which irks Selina no end given his role in her crushing defeat.

“I will destroy you in ways that are so creative they will honour me at the Kennedy Center,” she confides to a terrified Jonah in a furious whisper.

Meanwhile, her former Chief of Staff Amy (Anna Chlumsky) is now working for the campaign of a gubernatorial candidate, and has clearly not lost her edge. “We are going to make Buddy Calhoun the next governor of this dried coyote turd of a state,” she tells a room full of campaign workers. “So saddle up those emphysema tanks, you inbred cousin-f***ers.”

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“Look at us,” says bemused ex-White House Chief of Staff Ben Cafferty (Kevin Dunn). “Just like the good old days — except s***ier in every conceivable way.”

Louis-Dreyfus joined the rest of the cast and producers at a recent panel at SXSW, where she explained that season six will be entirely Trump-free.

“We set up an alternate reality,” she said, reports Yahoo. “We don’t have any real-life celebrities, journalists, and frankly, in terms of actual political history, we don’t reference anyone beyond Reagan.”

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In fact, for clues about Selina’s trajectory in the new season, showrunner David Mandel hints that it’s Obama, not Trump, that sets the tone for what’s to come.

“As you see him sign his book deal for a lot of money, don’t be surprised if you see Selina sign a book deal — though for not as much money,” Mandel said. “I know the media is Trump, Trump, Trump, but [look to Obama for season six].”

The sixth season of “Veep” debuts on Sunday, Apr. 16.

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