James Blunt Pokes Fun At Himself In Hilarious New Ad For ‘The Afterlove’

Being a James Blunt fan isn’t something to be proud of for some people. James Blunt is one of those people, apparently.

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The “Beautiful” singer stars in a new, one-minute-long video called “James Blunt Anonymous”. Taking advantage of the perception that being a fan of his music is nothing to brag about, the English singer promotes his new album “The Afterlove” in hilarious, self-deprecating style.

The scene opens to various individuals introducing themselves in a dimly lit community space. One woman, Claire, struggles to describe her problem to her fellow anon-attendees. Fortunately, the “Bonfire Heart” singer is there to save the day. “It’s okay, Claire, we’re all James Blunt fans here,” he consoles before the attendees hold hands in a supportive circle.

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Blunt knows you may not feel comfortable shouting his name to the heavens, but he knows you want new music. “The Afterlove”, Blunt’s fifth studio album, drops March 24, backed by the singles “Love Me Better” and “Bartender”.

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