Adele Hides In A Sweaty Box To Move Undetected At Her Concerts

The cat is out of the bag… or Adele is out of the box?

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It was recently revealed the “Hello” singer makes her surprise tour entrance after being wheeled inside a small equipment box. Adele reacted to the revelation, admitting how scared she was after finding out the ruse had been leaked. “I was scared, I was. I’m not lying; I was frightened,” the songstress told the audience at her concert in Adelaide, Australia, on Monday.

“Now, I’ll just walk out and ruin the surprise and be like, ‘Oh hello, hello!'” she continued.

When playing arenas, Adele, 28, often makes surprise appearances on stage, usually through a series of secret tunnels. Sports stadiums, which the singer has been selling out, don’t offer the same convenience and so Adele has been sitting inside a sweaty, tiny box prior to her big moment. “I’ve done so many shows in that box, and it has been a nightmare. This time when I came out, you all knew I was in it,” Adele revealed.

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The five-time winner at this year’s Grammys is taken through the audience in the bulky box, armed with an iPad to keep her entertained. An insider recently told The Sun how “Adele sits in the box for several minutes as she is taken from her dressing room right to the centre of the crowd.”

“Most of her fans just assume it’s a piece of kit they are moving, but it’s actually their idol sitting in a pretty small box a few feet from them.” 



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