After an emotional four seasons with “The Bachelor” franchise, Nick Viall has finally found love and is engaged to Canadian contestant, Vanessa Grimaldi. But with their seemingly awkward appearance on Monday night’s “After The Final Rose,” many fans were left wondering if it will truly last.

We spoke with former “The Bachelorette Canada” star Jasmine Lorimer, who, like many others, revealed her own reservations. “It’s funny because I even found myself Googling, ‘Are they still together?'” she said. “There’s just, I think, a curiosity or maybe a skepticism behind the show in general. Because you see how difficult it probably is, you just want to confirm that with yourself.”

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Addressing discouraged fan reaction following Raven Gates’ loss on this season of “The Bachelor”, Lorimer admitted, “I feel like people get really involved and they fall in love a lot of the time with the runner-up. I feel like it’s natural for people to root for the underdog,” adding: “It’s maybe hard to celebrate when you also feel kind of disappointed.”

Lorimer had to deal with her own set of skepticism after choosing her now-fiance Kevin Wendt over fan-favourite Mikhel Sickand. “I guess, for me, there was a level of frustration because a lot of what people were saying was really hurtful and I felt a little bit protective of Kevin,” she said. “I also at the same time understood, and I felt like people were being protective of me.”

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And despite revealing during her own episode of “After The Final Rose” that it hadn’t been smooth-sailing between her and Wendt, Lorimer asserted that everything is now fine between the pair. “Everything’s good!” she said. “Now, there’s more the complications of distance and things like that, but in terms of all that residual stuff from the show and that emotion, that’s all cleared away.”