Prince Harry is getting in tune with nature! The 32-year-old royal visited Epping Forest on Wednesday where he worked with the Queen’s Canopy Wood Pasture Restoration Project.

The project aims to create a network of forest conservation initiatives throughout the 52 nations of the Commonwealth. It is a part of the Palace’s lead up to the Commonwealth Games, which will take place on the Gold Coast of Australia in 2018.

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Harry was filmed observing several cattle using new fenceless grazing technology, and worked with school children from Aldersbrook Primary School to learn more about the local wildlife.

The redheaded royal wasn’t afraid to get his hands dirty, examining the soil and learning about the land’s insects and their habitats.

He also planted a tree to mark the land as a Queen’s Canopy dedication.

Harry’s grandmother, Queen Elizabeth, kicked off Commonwealth Day celebrations earlier this week by passing the official baton, which will travel to all of the nations in the Commonwealth over the next 12 months.

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She was joined by Harry, his brother Prince William, and his sister-in-law Kate Middleton at an official service at Westminster Abbey later in the day.

For more recent royal events, watch the clip below!

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