Chris Evans Goes Skydiving ‘Avengers’ Style

Looks like Captain America is breaking into Iron Man territory.

Chris Evans broke new ground, or air so to speak, by going skydiving for April’s issue of Esquire. The “Avengers” star confessed he “started exploring the sensation of ‘What if the chute doesn’t open?'” the night before his big leap. “Those last minutes where you know. You’re not gonna pass out; you’re gonna be wide awake. So what? Do I close my eyes? Hopefully, it would be quick. Lights out. I f**king hope it would be quick,” he continued.

Evans, 35, soon made the realization that he had the choice to enjoy the jump. “And then I was like: If you’re gonna do it, let’s just pretend there is no way this is going to go wrong. Just really embrace it and jump out of that plane with gusto,” he explained.

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Being a major movie star makes Evans a hot commodity and so he needed clearance before dropping 12,500 feet because of his Marvel contract. “They give you all these crazy insurance policies, but even if I die, what are they going to do? Sue my family?” Evans laughed. “They’d probably cast some new guy at a cheaper price and save some money.”

The upcoming star of Marvel’s “Avengers: Infinity War” even looked up the rate of skydiving fatalities before his big day. “It’s, like, 0.006 fatalities per one thousand jumps,” he told writer Maximillian Potter. “So I figure our odds are pretty good,” Evans said before teasing “I want to see you jump first.”

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Although the thought of skydiving may be nerve wracking, Evans revealed the one thing that truly frightens him. “Like, always kind of wanting to be there as opposed to here,” he revealed. “I think I’m worried all of a sudden I’ll get old and have regrets, realize that I’ve not cultivated enough of an appreciation for the now and surrendering to the present moment.”

The actor has been reading a book called The Surrender Experiment by Michael A. Singer. “It’s about the basic notion that we are only in a good mood when things are going our way,” Evans shared. “The truth is, life is going to unfold as it’s going to unfold regardless of your input. If you are an active participant in that awareness, life kind of washes over you, good or bad. You kind of become Teflon a little bit to the struggles that we self-inflict.”

Evans next stars alongside Mckenna Grace and Octavia Spencer in the new dramatic film “Gifted”. The movie first hits theatres in limited release on April 7, before opening to general audiences on April 21.

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