Things got a little spicy for these unsuspecting travellers.

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Emma Bunton, perhaps better known as Baby Spice, teamed up with British Airways to pull a little prank in support of Red Nose Day 2017. The Spice Girl posed as a British Airways check-in agent, harmlessly messing with passengers and dropping plenty of Spice Girls references.

In one instance, Bunton described an argument she had with a friend. “I said, ‘If you want my future, you have to forget my past,'” she said, referencing the group’s debut hit “Wannabe”. Adding, “‘And if you want to get with me, then you have to make it last.’ But they weren’t very happy about that.”

Baby Spice even ran into a fan of hers, sort of. The oblivious fan confessed that Scary Spice was her favourite girl group member, describing “the blonde one” as her second favourite.

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Red Nose Day 2017 is a fundraising event organized by British charity Comic Relief. The event is often supported by famous Brits, with celebrities like David Tennant, Russel Brand and Graham Norton taking part in past years.