Adam Sandler Made A Kid Cry While Filming ‘Billy Madison’ Dodgeball Scene

Not everyone was laughing on the set of Adam Sandler’s 1995 comedy “Billy Madison”.  During an appearance on “Conan” on Wednesday, Sandler admitted he reduced a six-year-old child actor to tears while filming the movie’s dodgeball scene.

Sandler recalls working on the comedy with director Tamra Davis and Tim Herlihy, with whom he co-wrote the script. “It was our first movie that we had some control of,” he remembers.  “There’s a dodgeball scene, and I’m hitting all these first graders really hard with a dodgeball… I hit some kid pretty hard and he gets upset and he starts crying.”

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While Sandler and the crew may have found some humour in the moment, the parents of the child actors on set did not.

“The parents come up to me and they’re like, ‘That’s a kid. You nailed that kid!’ And I’m like, ‘No, no, no. That’s the scene!'” he tells Conan O’Brien.  “I said, ‘Didn’t they read the script?’ and they go, ‘They’re six, they don’t read yet.'”

“But, those kids grew up and guess who they are today? Uh… I don’t know,” he jokes.

Watch the “Billy Madison” dodgeball scene below.



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