First Evictee Is Blasted Off ‘Big Brother Canada’, Plus Time Warp Reveal

SPOILER ALERT: If you haven’t watched the first eviction of the season on tonight’s “Big Brother Canada”, then STOP READING NOW! Spoilers lie ahead….











Welcome back to Global’s “Big Brother Canada”, the one house in the world where there probably is a camera in the microwave. This season, the houseguests will transcend time and space as eight blasts from the past mix it up with eight new explorers on board the BBCAN Odyssey. What does that mean? It means get ready to hear more space puns than at a “Star Trek” convention!

In tonight’s eviction episode, Mark, the bartender with the model good looks, gets blasted out of orbit and sent crashing back down to Earth (the space puns really are addictive) in a close 7-6 vote.

After winning the first HOH competition of the season, Karen, the oldest houseguest, quickly lays down the law of the land. In a conversation with Jessica Chastain-doppelganger Jackie, the real estate broker runs through each houseguest, both veteran and newbie, discussing their pros and cons. While she initially seems to have her target set on Season 2’s puppetmaster, Neda, fellow veteran Sindy is able to persuade Karen to switch her focus to the house alpha males.

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At the nomination ceremony, Karen goes “big buck hunting” by putting two of the strongest guys, Mark and Demetres, up on the block. “Big Brother Canada” doesn’t have the best track record when it comes to older women; they’re often easy targets early in the game. Karen’s feistiness and no-BS attitude make her easy to root for: “This is why none of ya f**king won.” But putting two of her fellow newbies on the block Week 1 might come back to bite her.


The veterans promise to have each other’s backs until all the newbies are eliminated, although early signs of sub-alliances are forming. Former Season 3 houseguests Bruno, Kevin, and Sindy appear to be on the same page; they even talk alliance names and when that happens you know it means business. Season 2’s Ika and Neda look to be close and working together within the larger group. That leaves Season 1 runner-up Gary and Season 4’s fourth-placer Cass floating on the outside.

Things get even better for the veterans when Bruno wins the first Power of Veto competition of the season, allowing him to keep the nominations the same. The Veto comp is classic “Big Brother Canada”, half-naked houseguests crawling through slime and looking ridiculous (this time dressed as cave people). They crawl through tar pits with a giant boulder tied to their leg and collect prehistoric emoji tiles to spell out a phrase.

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It seems as if Mark has the better relationships in the house and the majority of people want him to stay. Then comes Cass, Seasons 4’s Persian Princess who has an incredible knack for manipulation and stirring up drama in the best possible way. She wants Demetres to be her “meat shield” this season, given her lack of challenge skills, and so she devises a plan to keep him safe. She tells him to pick a fight with Dillon, a risky move given that he’s a heavyweight boxing champion. By making his target visible to the whole house, Cass feels that she will then be able to persuade her veteran cohorts to keep her protege in the game.


Demetres fires his shots at Dillon during a game of pool, although it comes off more like two drunken frat bros winding each other up than an explosive showdown. Dillon just looks confused by the entire situation. The real fight of the night happens between Ika and Sindy, which Cass also has a hand in. After Gary finds out from Sindy that only he and Cass want to keep Demetres, he approaches Ika to set things straight, which causes Ika to flip out on Sindy for spreading lies. Granted, Ika is in a bad mood after getting her hair extensions wet in the Veto comp. Cass just sits back laughing into her glass of water as the drama unfolds in front of her.

In the end, Cass’s crazy plan works. She flips the votes she needs, saving Demetres and sending Mark home, seven votes to six. Once voted out, Arisa Cox asks Mark what he thinks went wrong. He says he feels like one person, in particular, was gunning for him, but he does not know who.

Before the night is over, Arisa announces Neda as the winner of the Time Warp twist — an advantage voted on by Canada that gives a houseguest “a trip to the future” — meaning, they receive an automatic pass to the jury phase of the game. It is the biggest advantage in the show’s history, as not only does Neda now have immunity until jury, but she can still compete in HOH and Veto comps. However, it also comes with the disadvantage of potentially tainting Neda’s game. If she makes it to the Final Two, will a jury want to reward someone who had a free pass for half the game?

The Star Chart:

Take a look at which houseguests are burning bright and which are fading out, sticking with the space terminology of course.


Cass – convinced someone to pick a fight with a pro-boxer and single-handedly flipped the vote.

Sindy – her power of persuasion is strong and seems to have solid relationships within the veteran group and the newbie gang.


Ika – brilliant TV but getting into a slanging match in Week 1 is not the greatest start.

Karen – superb character and impressed by winning the first HOH but going after her own newbies and coming across wishy-washy could hurt her going into Week 2.

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