Operation London Bridge: Plans For Queen Elizabeth II’s Funeral Revealed

As Queen Elizabeth prepares to celebrate her 91st birthday next month, it has been revealed that Buckingham Palace has already established funeral details for the Royal. The plans, in fact, have been in place for over a decade, the Guardian reports.

In what has been dubbed “Operation London Bridge”, the nine days following Her Royal Highness’ death have been planned to perfection.

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Writer Sam Knight claims the palace has already decided on a code word to deliver the news of her death to the highest tiers of government. While George VI’s code word was “Hyde Park Corner”, the Queen’s signal will reportedly be “London Bridge is down”.
Once the U.K. Prime Minister has been notified, 15 other governments heads outside the UK — where she is also head of state — will be informed. From then on, 36 other nations within the Commonwealth will be made aware.

News of her passing will then be released as a newsflash to the U.K.’s Press Association, posted at the doors of Buckingham Palace and an official website —featuring a single web page — will display the announcement on a dark background.

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According to the Guardian, British news agencies Sky News and ITN have been rehearsing for her death for years, and have already signed on leading royal experts to speak about her life.

The following day, Prince Charles will be sworn in as king before embarking on a tour of the country.

And three days later, the Queen’s coffin will be moved to Westminster Hall, where she will remain for four more days. On the final and ninth day of the schedule, a funeral will be held at Westminster Abbey starting at 11 a.m. Thereafter, her body will be transported to Windsor Castle where she will be interred in the residence’s royal vault.

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